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See what past patients have said about their visits to our office. These are testimonials from actual patients who have benefited from Dr. Nicholson’s professional, soothing care.

Dr. Nicholson,

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your efforts and the good job on my care... and thank you more than words can say!
- N.L.
To Dr. Nicholson and my one-of-a-kind dental team,

I found myself wondering if you could still feel me smiling after I’d left... as I drove home, I just kept shaking my head with wonder and delight! - smiling the whole time... many thanks for bringing so much sunshine into my life... With fondness and appreciation,
- A.G.
Dear Dr. Nicholson,

I am writing regarding Beth, your wonderful hygienist. Her warm, caring, calm personality adds to her excellent work! She really means a lot to me. I am grateful
- L. T.
Dear Dr. Nicholson,

People always ask me why I drive so far to see is because you don’t hurt me and that is huge! Thank you!
- K. L.
Dr. Nicholson,

I just wanted to thank you for all the support and encouragement this last year!
- L.H.
Dear Dr. Nicholson,

I am very grateful for the wonderful care you and your staff provided for me in my time of need. May God bless you all. Very grateful,
- L.S.
Dear Dr. Nicholson,

Thank you! Thank you for your caring... it is so very much appreciated! I recommend you to everyone I know! Gratefully,
- M.L.
Dear Dr. Nicholson,

Thank you so much for working with my daughter to put those fillings in. Most important is the overall care of my children. I just really, really appreciate your willingness to help her, not just with her dental care but caring for her. Dentists can be scary to a child but she came through great and, again, I thank you for that.
- K.S.
Dear Dr. Nicholson,

Thank you for your advice and care. It has been a blessing to have your support during this time!
- K.R.
Dear Dr. Nicholson,

Greetings from the land of retirement! Since my move away from Portland I have had to find a new dentist in my new city. When my new dentist examined my teeth he remarked about the wonderful care I had received in the past and the quality of work that you had done for me. That sure made me feel good and I wanted to share this with you. My wife, having been an instructor at the Dental School for all those years has always hailed your dentistry, but this time it is coming from me!
- D.I.
Dear Dr. Nicholson,

I just wanted to let you know my mouth feels great and that for the first time I can eat whatever I want! Thank you,
- E.D.
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Nicholson Dental Care provides advanced general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry to the greater Portland, Oregon area. Dr. Nicholson serves the Southeast Portland, Eastmoreland, Hosford-Abernethy, Mt. Tabor, Sellwood-Moreland, Sunnyside (Hawthorne), Richmond, Clinton City Park, South Tabor, East Moreland, Brentwood, Darlington, Woodstock, Reed College, Oregon Health Sciences University areas by providing exceptional dental care to all patients.
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